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Incentive Ideas

San Francisco abounds with unique themes and activities that will entice your incentive group.

Phased out as a federal penitentiary in 1963, Alcatraz reopened to the general public in 1973. Through special advance arrangements with the National Park Service, private events can be held on the island after hours. What to bring? Black and white striped T-shirts, tin cups with the company logo on them, handcuffs and a bad attitude. Issue souvenir "Wanted" posters, personalized with instant photos and have everyone fingerprinted.

Barbary Coast
There's gold in these here hills. Resurrect the laissez-faire attitude of the 1860s when gold from the Sierras transformed San Francisco from a sleepy village to a cosmopolitan city. Rent a Victorian mansion, and just pretend for a moment that you've struck it rich. Historic sailing vessels berthed at Hyde Street Pier in Fisherman's Wharf also provide a perfect setting.

Cable Car Dine-Around
Mount a cable car caper aboard America's only mobile historic landmark. A roving pre-dinner party, moveable feast or progressive dinner aboard of fleet of motorized cable cars will ring everyone's bells. Or plan a festive event in the Cable Car Barn and Powerhouse for a behind-the-scenes view of the machinery that powers The City's one-of-a-kind cable car system.

Crab Feast
Imagine a room with a view of San Francisco Bay, colorful bibs, crates of San Francisco's famous fresh dungeness crab, plus loaves of fresh baked Sourdough French bread: the formula for success! The season runs from May through November and specialties include cioppino, fresh cracked, Louie, au Gratin, Newburg and walk-away cocktails. Send diners home with private-label condiments and an urn of "starter" for bread baking at home and watch spirits rise.

Feeling Blue
As in denim blue jeans. A man named Levi Strauss sewed up sturdy pants from surplus tent fabric during the Gold Rush and the dress code of the West was never the same. Think of James Dean, and kids cruisin' in a cherry Chevrolet. Rent a fleet of them and head for an American-style "sock hop" or create a 50s-style diner, with waitresses on skates. Or for an "Old West" twist, horseback ride through Golden Gate Park or to Ocean Beach and have an old-fashioned barbecue and line dancing under the moon.

Seek Your Fortune
Theme a lavish Chinese banquet event with take-out boxes imprinted with the company logo and decorate with giant paper parasols and dragon kites. Set the table with a pyramid of fortune cookies with customized messages. Engage a team of Chinese lion dancers, calligraphers to write guests names, or fortune tellers to read joss sticks and tea leaves.

On Location: San Francisco
Lights, camera ... direct the fun for an evening of fun in a film studio or well-known movie setting such as where Jimmy rescued Kim in Vertigo or Bogart's hideaway in Dark Passage. Hire the paparazzi, cue the autograph hounds, view clips from famous San Francisco movies, give everyone a screen test and send your "stars" home with an "Oscar" of their very own.