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Presidio of San Francisco


The 1,500-acre Presidio is San Francisco's unique national park at the Golden Gate. Once the nation's premier Army post, today the park offers the spectacular vistas, nature, and history you would expect, plus many surprising experiences. In today's Presidio, visitors can walk on a 24-mile network of trails; discover art exhibitions indoors and out; soak in incredible Golden Gate views; visit San Francisco's oldest building reborn as a museum and cultural center; jump on a trampoline in a former airplane hangar; bird watch at restored wetlands; and relax at San Francisco's largest picnic, which draws 5,000 people each spring/summer weekend. Even better, most events and activities are free, making the Presidio an affordable and accessible escape that's welcoming to all. Begin your day in the park in the new Presidio Visitor Center, located at 210 Lincoln Boulevard, in the heart of the park. A free shuttle runs to the park from downtown San Francisco.

Presidio of San Francisco

103 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, California 94129

(415) 561-4323

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