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Working with San Francisco Travel’s Media Relations Department

Learn how to work with San Francisco Travel's media relations team to maximize your reach.


The Media Relations team at the San Francisco Travel Association works to generate positive media coverage of San Francisco and the region as a desirable destination for leisure, group and convention travel.  Each year, San Francisco Travel assists thousands of media writing for magazines, newspapers, guidebooks, websites, blogs, television, radio and other media all over the world.

The participation of San Francisco Travel’s partners is essential to generating billions of media impressions about San Francisco each year.  The support you provide turns into millions of dollars’ worth of publicity, which would otherwise be impossible for us to purchase. 

San Francisco Travel partners may participate in and benefit from the following programs:

Available to All Partner Levels

Media Relations Contacts

San Francisco Travel needs contact information for the people at each partner business who should receive leads for marketing, tourism, conventions, and other opportunities. 

The Media Relations Contact should be the person at the organization who handles public relations and can respond to requests from or about media. You may list more than one Media Relations Contact per business, which may be helpful if media relations is handled by a PR agency or outside contractor. 

To update the Media Relations contact for your organization, contact  Please provide: 

  • Name of the partner business.
  • Name of the Media Relations Contact.
  • Media Relations Contact email address.
  • Media Relations Contact phone number. 

Media Relations Bulletins

Media relations bulletins are periodic emails notifying partners of media who are seeking information and/or invitations for San Francisco-based accommodations and experiences (tours, attractions, and restaurants). Each bulletin contains instructions on how to respond. It is not necessary to respond to the email if you are not interested in participating. 

Offers for hotel accommodations are usually sent through San Francisco Travel and then forwarded to the media.  Hotels are required to inform San Francisco Travel of the rack rate for complimentary or discounted accommodations provided. 

Bulletins are sent only to those partner businesses that are relevant to the media's needs.

Welcome Kits for Visiting Media 

Media assisted by San Francisco Travel receive a Welcome Packets when they arrive at their hotels. These packets include a press kit and any special materials relevant to their visit. 

Partners are welcome to provide free tickets or media passes to include in these packets.  

To provide tickets to be included in the Welcome Packets, please contact Tatiana Ranis at

Media passes can be provided as an 8.5x11” pdf, which the Media Relations team will print as needed and insert in the Welcome Packets.  Send a draft for review to Laurie Armstrong Gossy at

Press Release Library 

San Francisco Travel writes and distributes a wide variety of press releases and keeps an extensive library of “evergreen” feature releases. All San Francisco Travel partners are welcome to use this content for their own press releases, press kits, collateral materials, websites, etc.  

To access the San Francisco Travel Association press release library, visit the media section of the San Francisco Travel website.

Photo/Video Library

Images in San Francisco Travel’s extensive library may be used free of charge for non-commercial promotion of travel to San Francisco. Approved uses include partner brochures, websites, press releases, slide shows, etc. Use in advertising is not permitted.  

To access and download images from the San Francisco Travel online photo gallery, go to

Available to All Hotels and Partners at Visitor Focus Level or Higher

Visiting Media Handbook

The Visiting Media Handbook is a digital reference guide of San Francisco Travel partners with special offers for visiting media.  The hanbook allows the media to create a personalized itinerary that best supports their particular project. We encourage media to contact San Francisco Travel partners directly.  

Your introduction to the media will appear here.

How to participate:

  • Login to the Partner Portal. Contact if you need login information.
  • Click on Account Management Under My Offers.
  • Select Visiting Journalist Handbook.
  • Enter your 255-character offer in the fields shown.

Submissions will only be accepted from the Partner Portal.  Email requests will not be accommodated. If you need assistance navigating the Portal, please contact   

Once your offer is entered, it will be reviewed and posted in the Visiting Media Handbook as soon as possible.    

Social Media

San Francisco Travel is one of the leading destination marketing organizations in its use of social media. Content for daily posts is collected from a variety of sources and is intended as a broad, entertaining insider’s view of San Francisco.   

How to participate:

Market Briefing: Working with Travel Writers

Twice each year, the Media Relations team presents a briefing on how to find, contact, pitch, and host travel journalists.  Learn how the participation of San Francisco Travel’s partners is essential in generating billions of media impressions about San Francisco each year. See how the support you provide turns into millions of dollars’ worth of publicity which would otherwise be impossible to purchase. 

To find the next briefing date and register, visit

Available to all partner levels except Convention Focus

Submissions for “What’s New in San Francisco” Press Releases

A roundup release of “What’s New in San Francisco” is updated regularly.  This release is posted on our website, included in our press kits, and distributed to more than 3,000 international, domestic, regional and local journalists. 

To be considered for inclusion in “What’s New in San Francisco,” please send a description of 100 words maximum to Laurie Armstrong Gossy at for review. Include a URL for more information and a name, phone number, and email address for the media relations contact.  Please note that not all submissions will be included. Please do not send information on hotel packages.  

Press Clippings

Press clippings that include mentions of our partners are distributed electronically. These are sent to the partner’s key contact, not necessarily the Media Relations Contact. 

Available to Total Customer Partners 

Media Lists 

Partners on the Total Customer level may receive the following media lists in Excel format at no charge: 

  • Bay Area Travel Media
  • Bay Area Media 

If you are interested in receiving a media list, please contact Tatiana Ranis at   

Let's Review!

We know these are a lot of opportunities for you to consider. Here are some basic points to help you make the most of working with the San Francisco Travel Media Relations team: 

  • Make sure San Francisco Travel has your company’s current Media Relations Contact(s) on file.
  • Read Media Relations bulletins carefully and respond promptly.
  • Introduce yourself to the media with an offer or invitation via the Visiting Media Handbook.
  • Host visiting journalists whenever possible.
  • Keep San Francisco Travel informed by adding them to your media list.
  • Write press releases in standard Associated Press style.
  • Send thank you notes to journalists when they include your organization in their coverage. 

Your San Francisco Travel Media Relations Team 

Please include the following San Francisco Travel team members on your press release distribution list:  

Elisabeth Wieselthaler-Toelly
Vice President, Global PR and Media Relations 

Laurie Armstrong Gossy
Senior Director, Global PR and Media Relations

Tatiana Ranis
Manager, Global PR and Media Relations