Unique and Customizable Meeting Space at Historic PIER 48

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Unique and Customizable Meeting Space at Historic PIER 48

Located just across from McCovey Cove and steps away from Oracle Park, historic PIER 48's vintage warehouse provides three amazing spaces to host, entertain and party.


A warehouse with a vintage ambiance, styled in wood and metal, PIER 48 offers sky-high ceilings and a sprawling open-air space with spectacular views of the Bay Bridge, the city skyline and the ballpark. PIER 48 is easily accessible by car or public transit, and is ideal for a variety of events, from festivals and receptions to concerts, gala dinners and conventions.

One of the largest, most flexible event spaces in San Francisco, PIER 48 offers three distinct and connected locations across approximately 120,000 square feet of space.

A Conference Set-up at Pier 48

Shed A (80,000 square feet)

Shed A is the anchor space within PIER 48 and boasts one of the largest, customizable indoor spaces in San Francisco. The space can be transformed for any event, from an elegant sit-down dinner to a day-long festival.

The Valley (30,000 square feet)

The Valley is an adaptable outdoor space adjacent to Shed A and accessible through large open walkways. This open-air space can be an outdoor compliment to any program taking place inside, and has the ability to be transformed into anything from a festival area, reception space or food truck parking lot.

Shed C (10,000 square feet)

As an additional enclosed space to compliment Shed A, Shed C is a perfect space for production offices, staging, or guest restrooms.

For additional information including floor plans, and to request a proposal, please visit Giants Enterprises and PIER 48 online. And for more information on additional space opportunities at Oracle Park and the Mission Rock area, please visit Giants Enterprises.