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San Francisco Travel Partnership Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some common questions about partnership with San Francisco Travel and utilizing the Partner Portal.


As a valued partner of San Francisco Travel, you have many resources to guide you through your partnership. Read on for some answers to frequently asked questions that we receive about partner benefits and our Partner Portal.

General Questions

Where can I find a list of my partner benefits?

A chart of our most popular benefits, which are based on your level of participation, can be found here. This is also found on our website's Partner section. If you have more questions on your specific level of benefits, please contact Karen Bell, Director of Partner Services.

How do I sign up for San Francisco Travel's e-newsletters?

Our digital newsletters are a great way to see what we're communicating to visitors, and to stay connected with news and events related to your partnership. As an active partner, you're automatically registered to receive our weekly partner Cablegram. You can sign up for our consumer e-newsletters here. Also, make sure to follow us on social for more insight into what's happening with San Francisco Travel, through our partner-facing Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin channels.

How can I announce special events at my business through

On our Events page, look for the San Francisco Travel Events calendar on the right-hand side. Click the "Add Events" button or click here, and follow the instructions. This free service is powered by SpinGo and is a great way to help promote exhibits, events, festivals, shows, and more. Listings also get distributed throughout the SpinGo network on websites across the Bay Area.

Where is San Francisco Travel located?

Our office is at One Front Street, Suite 2900, at the corner of Market and Front Streets.

Where is the Visitor Information Center (VIC) located?

The VIC is located at 900 Market St., on the lower level of Hallidie Plaza, near the entrance to BART and Muni. In January 2019, the VIC will be relocating to the newly expanded Moscone Center (749 Howard St.).

We also have a location inside Macy's Union Square, and a presence at the California Welcome Center at PIER 39. For more information on the VIC locations, click here.

How do I get my business brochures displayed at the Visitor Information Centers?

Brochure display at our Hallidie Plaza and Macy's locations is an included benefit to partners at the Visitor Focus level and higher. To coordinate your brochure distribution, contact Judy Avila at Certified Folder Display Service.

Where is the list of Partner Events?

Bookmark this page! You'll find dates and registration info for our networking events, educational sessions, market briefings, seasonal industry forums, and San Francisco Travel Foundation events. Interested in sponsoring or hosting an event? Contact Melissa Amato, Senior Manager of Partner Events.

Is there a staff directory for San Francisco Travel?

Yes! Click here and click on any person's name to get their contact info.

Partner Portal Questions

What is the Partner Portal?

Our Partner Portal is your access point to customize your listing on our site with images and descriptions, update business contacts, pay any current invoices, access industry data, and much more.

Looking for even more knowledge on the Partner Portal? We encourage you to sign up for a Partner Portal Lab hosted by our Partner Services team. This free, in-person training can help you access all the Portal's features and optimize your listing. For more information and to register, click here.

I've made changes to my information in the Portal, but they're not reflected yet on my website listing.

Uploaded images and description changes are approved within 48 hours. Once approved, it takes approximately 30 minutes for our systems to sync. If you have questions about your updates in the Partner Portal, please contact Katie Harper, Manager of Partner Services.

How should I alert you to our contact changes?

Once logged into the Portal, navigate to "Manage My Account". Look for the "Company Information" tab. Here, you can update your relevant contacts for your partnership with us. You're required to identify a primary and bill-to contact, and will be asked to identify lead contacts for Convention Services, Tourism, Media Relations, Marketing, and Brochures. (They can be different contacts or all the same!)

Where can I find travel industry research and data?

San Francisco Travel's industry research information can be found on the Portal home page. Look for the "San Francisco Travel Data" button. Access to research is based on your level of partnership.

How do I read the travel industry data?

Here's a cheat sheet to download, which can help you understand the data.

Where can I list my event and meeting space?

Once logged into the Portal, navigate to "Manage My Account". Click on the "Event Spaces" button. Here, you can add and edit information on your space capabilities. This information gets published in our Venue Search tool located on our Meeting Planner page. Note: this is only available to partners at Convention Focus level or higher.

Can I view and pay any outstanding invoices?

Any open invoices for partnership dues or for event registration can be found in the Portal. Navigate to the "Manage My Account" page and click the "Billing" button. You can pay online through the Portal. If you need a copy of San Francisco Travel's W9 form to process payment, click here.

I have a special offer for visitors and convention delegates. Where can I promote that?

Once in the Portal, navigate to "Manage My Account". Look for the "My Offers" button. Click on the "Visitor Deals" tab. Here, you can enter special offer details for guests, which will be published on our Deals page, as well as in your partner listing. Make sure to note any expiration dates for your offers.

Can I create a special offer for fellow partners?

Yes! Look for the "Partner to Partner" tab in the "My Offers" section of the Partner Portal. These offers are visible to your fellow partners once inside the portal. Note: this benefit is available to partners at Access level and higher.

How can I network with travel journalists?

Once in the portal, navigate to "Manage My Account". Look for the "My Offers" button. Click on the "Visiting Media" tab. Here, you can enter contact information and a short description of your business for our network of travel journalists. This information is accessible to visiting travel media hosted by San Francisco Travel.

I have more questions! Who can help me?

For general partnership benefits questions, contact Karen Bell, Director of Partner Services.

For Partner Portal questions, contact Katie Harper, Manager of Partner Services.

For partner event questions, contact Melissa Amato, Senior Manager of Partner Events.

Not sure what question you have? Email Partnership here.