The best burritos in San Francisco

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May 1, 2017
No trip to San Francisco is complete without a Mission Burrito

Best Burritos in San Francisco by Neighborhood

We have the best burritos in the country. No, really. Just ask Nate SilverGQThrillist, the Daily Meal and Eater. That's something they can agree on. The one thing they can't agree on is which one is the best. We're not here to answer that question, but we can break down the best burritos in San Francisco by neighborhood.

Note: We're including fusion burritos on this list too because they are damn good. If you're a purist, skip over them or open your mind.


El Castillito
Right off the intersection of the J and N Trains when you come up from the tunnel, El Castillo has high-quality meat and vegetables that make their burritos absolutely delicious. For a convenient burrito stop, this one is it. Most Popular Dishes: Carne asada super burrito, Suiza quesadilla (a crispy quesadilla that is basically a burrito without rice). 136 Church Street


If you happen to find yourself in the Marina, head here. They have not only have "Mission Style" but also "SoCal Style," add french fries, and "Baja Style," which adds cilantro, cabbage, and red onions. Most Popular Dishes: California burrito. 3115 Fillmore Street


Note from Dan: Really you can't go wrong with any burrito you find in the Mission. So if you happen to come along one that is not on this list, go to it. 

El Farolito
The one that reigns supreme in all best of lists is El Farolito. We know there are a few in the city, but we are specifically talking about the one on Mission and 24th Street. It's the best, not because we say so, but because of the lines that start forming at 8 PM every night. Have a late-night burrito craving? Be prepared to wait in line.  Most Popular Dishes: Carne asada super burrito, Suiza quesadilla (a crispy quesadilla that is basically a burrito without rice). 2779 Mission Street

La Taqueria
Not all taquerias are created equal and the tacos and burritos at La Taqueria are like none other in this city. First, they do not put rice in their burritos. Second, they've perfected the crispy style that you can get around the city. In fact, they were the first. Ask for "dorado" style, and they'll leave your burrito or taco on the flat-top a little longer. There's also a secret menuMost Popular Dishes: Carnitas burrito "dorado" style. 2889 Mission Street

Taqueria Cancun
Nestled among the bars on Mission Street, sits colorful Taqueria Cancun. You'll always see a late-night crowd here from Thursday through Sunday because this place is open 24 hours. There are multiple locations in Bernal Heights and SOMA, so you can head there if you don't like waiting in lines. Most Popular Dishes: Shrimp Super Burrito (any super burrito really) and a side of cebollitas. 2288 Mission Street

An expansive menu of items made fresh daily, a clean and inviting entrance and salsa that has a cult following. Are we forgetting anything? Oh yeah, Bobby Flay's ringing endorsement. No other taqueria can make that claim. Most Popular Dishes: Triple Threat Burrito (three different kinds of meat) and the salsa. Yeah, it's that good. 3409 24th Street

La Palma Mexicatessan
La Palma is actually a Mexican grocery store that sells produce only found in Mexico. They also sell delicious burritos in the back. If you want/must have a freshly made tortilla with your burrito, this is the place. Most Popular Dishes: Chile Verde burrito. 2884 24th Street

El Metate
Since 2002, El Metate has been cooking their own style away from the hub of the Mission. Dive into authentic Mexican flavors with every bite of their beef, Chile Relleno con queso, pork, and seafood and vegetarian dishes. Whatever you’re craving, you can find it at El MetateMost Popular Dishes: Fish burrito. 2406 Bryant Street

La Cumbre
La Cumbre is the birthplace of the "Mission-Style" burrito, so says their website, and we are not ones to argue with the internet. Located near the corner of 16th and Valencia, you can't miss it. Most Popular Dishes: BBQ chicken burrito. 515 Valencia Street


Little Chihuahua
Along the 24th Street corridor in Noe Valley, sits Little Chihuahua a Mexican restaurant that focuses on sustainability. Who knew sustainability could taste so good. Also, they have an amazing patio. Most Popular Dishes: Garlic shrimp burrito and fried plantain and black bean burrito. 4123 24th Street


This Potrero Hill mainstay recently expanded to Hayes Valley, however, their location on the hill is still our favorite. Along with the mainstays (al pastor, carnitas, and carne asada), this place is cooking up some of the most inventive burritos in the city. Most Popular Dishes: Rock fish and duck confit burrito. 317 Connecticut Street


Carne asada or al pastor not your jam? Head to Chino's in the Richmond for their spicy chicken. Get it extra spicy. Most Popular Dishes: the spicy chicken burrito. 3416 Balboa Street


HRD Coffee Shop
Korean and Mexican fusion. Need we say more? Line up like the rest of us. Even non-burrito items are delicious. Most Popular Dishes: Kimchi burrito with bulgogi and pineapple tacos. 521A 3rd Street


Gordo Taqueria
Gordo's Taqueria rules the outer neighborhoods of San Francisco. People actually make the trek out here from the north end of San Francisco. Yes, all the way from North Beach. A burrito that makes people drive that far is the reason it's on our list. Most Popular Dishes: Super carnitas burrito. Don't mess around. 1239 9th Avenue, 2252 Clement Street & 5450 Geary Boulevard (in the Richmond)

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